Andy Letcher

Andy Letcher Telling the Bees 2015

Andy Letcher writes the songs, fronts the band and provides rhythm on mandolin and stomp. He also plays pipes and is a leading figure in the English bagpiping revival. He cut his teeth in bands like Celtarabia, Paescod and Space Goats and has been seen in many an acoustic jam around festival fires. Drawn by the trance elements of traditional music, he plays with Jane and Jim in Wod, a trio for Breton dance. He blogs under the pseudonym The Bosky Man and is an unashamed devotee of progressive music.

Jane Griffiths

Classically trained but steeped in folk music, Jane Griffiths is a gifted fiddle player. She has played and recorded with Sharron Kraus, Abbie Lathe, Jon Fletcher, Matt Sage and Lisa Fitzgibbon, with whom she toured Australia supporting Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill. Her light touch and ability to improvise have made her an in-demand session musician, most recently recording for Maddy Prior, Moon'shee and Simon Emerson (Imagined Village). She plays with Jim and Andy in Wod, a trio for Breton dancing, and in a duo with Colin.

Jim Penny

Jim Penny Telling the Bees 2015Jim Penny joined Telling the Bees in 2011. A pioneer of the Anglo-Concertina, he is renowned for his unique, funky approach to the instrument, exploring its improvisatory potential and treating it more like a Hammond Organ than the scratchy folk instrument of yore. He was a founder member of the much missed Red Dog Green Dog, with whom he toured and busked extensively across Britain and Europe, playing for French and Breton dancing. He currently plays with Andy and Jane in Wod.

Josie Webber

Josie is a founder member of Telling the Bees. A stalwart of the Oxford music scene, she plays with Mariana Magnavita and Zoe Bicat. During the nineties she collaborated with Lisa Lindley-Jones and when not playing bass with the Conscripts added her imaginative cello textures to Oxford’s favourite stoner minimalists, Soma. With her wellies firmly on she helps organise East Oxford’s successful Farmer’s Market.

Colin Fletcher

Colin Fletcher is a respected bass player and founder member of Epona and the Sonic Catering Band, with whom he made cooking music out of live cooking. He has played with Jon Fletcher, Matt Sage and Sharron Kraus, recorded sessions for Kerr, Fagan, Harbron and was a longstanding member of the Tim Van Eyken Band. His innovative approach to the bass, using overhand technique, means he can oscillate between funky bass lines and chordal pads, both of which give Telling the Bees a distinctive sound. He plays acoustic guitar in a duo with Jane. He engineers all the band's recordings.

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